The Amorphous Androgynous

A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind


"the ultimate transcendental inner space mix, a free falling 'journey to the centre of the mind... flawless taste in reality-dissolving source material... this is probably the best nightclub in the world" Record Collector

"Quite simply the most expansive, expertly mixed compilation you are going to hear this side of the time continuum- there are perspectives here that transcend imagination, shape-shifting genius" - The Fly

"hardcore, braincore bashing psychedelia, the Amorphous Androgynous are beginning to become a hiply droppable name" NME

"Mind blowing" Mojo

"Masterful...The perfect companion to dreams of hazy daze" - Word

"the compilation of the year" Sunday Times

"A sonic blotter that's better than drugs" Q

"A second glorious, head-spinning compilation" Uncut

"quite simply the best compilation album ever!" TIME OUT

"..the strongest argument to turn on / tune in etc since Lennon thought naming a song after a children's home might be a good laugh." 9/10 NME

"Compilation of the Year by a light year. It's gonna blow your mind out so bad that you'll be picking bits of your brains outta the carpet for the rest of your days" the Electric Roulette

"it's a trip.. . a really well put together mix album charting the progression of all things psychedelic, cosmic and tripped out over the last four decades" 4/5 DJmag

"brain-melting... you'll be wigging out until daybreak" Esquire

"a reinterpretation of psychedelic music tracing the dots from its birth in 1967 to the present - a dj trip through over 4 decades of genre busting, sonically diverse music. .. a true sonic trip." ROUGH TRADE

"if you're wondering what to ask Santa for Xmas, ask him for an album called "A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind (Vol 1. Space Rock)". I've had it on in the dressing room for a month now. It's one of the best things I've ever, ever heard. Go and find it NOW! It'll blow your tiny little minds..." NOEL GALLAGHER (Oasis ) Dec 2008

"..a weightless magic carpet ride. It's packed out with enough acid-woozy beats and progged-up guitar wig-outs to leave you feeling like you've transcended bland, dance music compilations and achieved some kind of higher consciousness." the LIST

"A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble is a trip (man)... synapse-snapping.. mind-melting.. the duo seem to really know their (glass) onions.. expertly weaving this stuff into a pleasing journey through the backroads of your mind. It's a collection that perfectly runs the gauntlet from kitsch to uber cool. Here's to volume two..." BBC online

"album of the year or any other year.... fucking mindblowing" NOEL GALLAGHER.. Rolling Stone magazine

"this other worldly masterpiece is so far out you need a telescope to see it - an album of infinite possibility' 8/10 NME .......' it's sound is like a beam of white light from heaven" 6/5 MUZIK

"a modern psychedelic classic" MOJO

About The Amorphous Androgynous

The AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS is the psychedelic band created by The Future Sound of London, A SAMPLERDELIC FUNKOID ROKTRONIC cosmic ambient oozescape merging the sonic with the lyric -the beat with the beat-less -the classic rock with the epic freeform roll -the mantra with the tantra -to convert the how? into the Tao -To merge the possibilities of technology with the plausibility of NO-OLOGY -to combine a love for the forgotten treasures of old with the unfolding mysteries of the new-to combine the electromagnetic machines with psychedelic dreams, cosmic consciousness with sweet bloody mindedness- the lizards with the wizards and the infant with the Sage and to come out the other side smelling vaguely of roses or maybe sandalwood or even EUCALYPTUS!! MAY ALL BE LOVED MAY ALL BE FED MAY ALL BE HEALED

Sometime during the 5 year recording /production and writing process of their 6th album THE ISNESS , The Future Sound of London (Brian Dougans, Garry Cobain ) began to realise that this latest paradigm had accidentally formed a 'virtual' band and they were no longer who they thought they were-whether partially , completely or maybe even momentarily . Further to that it was no longer strictly true to call it FSOL. After the naturally arising initial confusion caused by such free wheelin' artistic abandon had cleared for long enough to catch a glimpse of the multi splendoured cosmic potential that lay ahead it was decided to create a new/old band and for that 'band' to take the name The Amorphous Androgynous .It included in its tender folds a varied and motley bunch of friends and musicians who had contributed throughout the extensive recording process 1997-2002 in which the album was conceived and recorded- It was 'virtual' because the musicians never actually performed in a room together. They each came in turn and laid down tracks and performed to an evolving musical oozescape that became increasingly far fetched and adventurous in the minds and wizardly hands of Dougans and Cobain as the time spun by from 1997 to 2002 . By the time of its release in late 2002 THE ISNESS revealed itself to be a 'cosmic psychedelic soup of influence' like a 'modern progtronic-rock opera' for the 21st century

The 'virtual' band which FSOL had unwittingly assembled during these extensive recordings became known as 'the AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS'

It gradually dawned on the FSOL mutant morph-lovechild that it would be an interesting experiment to bring this 'virtual' band 'the AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS' together for the first time and jam together to complete the cycle - the virtual now becoming manifest- ! The band who had never played together but who had been fused, spliced,sampled and processed in the masterly FSOL gizmo now reconvening to interpret that fusion- ready to fly !!

WOW! What a TRIP that IS/WAS !!!

The AMORPHOUS supergroup is a heady odyssey of rocktronica / cosmic funk / backwards psychedelic stomp through to beautiful ambient folktronic flute and sitar ragas with the odd song or two of love and divinity and mello hippos, all the while beats and samples spew and collide like the Spector Wall of Sound has undergone sudden cross fertilisation with the hippy mutant child of FSOL conceived on a rickshaw ride with the MAHARISHI looking on cackling wildly while in the background a giant kaleidoscopic exploding light fantastic video show hints at the meaning underpinning the universe- suns setting as planets collide and explode in shards of white light and bearded robed hippies dance in hypnotised mantra to the exotic beat. This band are AMORPHOUS and ANDROGYNOUS - they've shapeshifted and only seem transfixed to the eternal NOW!!! - this AMORPHOUS entity is nothing less than GRIPPING - catch this BAND if you can - they're in another dimension !!!! THE 5TH TO BE SPECIFIC ! 2012 light years from home !!