Press Release

The Future Sound Of London emerged from the ambient electronic music scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s, with their unique blend of organic electro-acoustic soundscapes. Originally conceived as an immersive audio-visual experience, they embraced the realms of music, art and computer animation wholeheartedly. The release of their album Lifeforms in 1993 redefined modern classical, ambient, electronic and experimental music and, following the release of Dead Cities in 1996, they expanded their vision, with the first fully blown global ISDN transmissions of experimental sound and moving images to galleries, venues and radio stations worldwide.

This year, following the release of their greatest hits album Teachings From The Electronic Brain they have returned, for the first time since 1997, to the FSOL modus operandi and have begun exploring working in surround sound. This technology has provided them with the perfect opportunity to revisit and explore the deeper realms and possibilities of the initial seeds of their Lifeforms audio experimentation and has resulted in a specially constructed audio-architecture piece entitled A Gigantic Globular Burst of Anti-Static, commissioned by Kinetica.

In this piece, FSOL filter, process and montage all organic and synthetic sound they find resonant, to create what they call "brutal reality" or "3D-headspace"; a process that immerses the listener into a new, heightened, strangely familiar yet dislocated and timeless audio environment, an ultra-reality that ultimately retunes the listener's receptivity of their perceived everyday spatial surroundings.